Monday, March 25, 2013

Evangelizing through the Lens of Faith and Culture

The 2013 WCC is being presented by Rev. Msgr. Michael Clay, D. Min.
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Where: F C J Christian Life Centre
When: June 7 ( 6:30PM - 9:30 PM) and June 8 (8:30 AM - 4:00 PM)
Registration: $150 per person. Click here to learn more

People come to the Church for many reasons.  Among them are:  deeper meaning, community, or simply to get their children into the Catholic School. They may also come with a cultural worldview that is different than ours (e.g., Asian, African, Hispanic, rural, postmodern, etc.).  Some are baptized in other Christian traditions.  Others have no concept of who Jesus is. This gives our ministry a tremendous opportunity and many challenges for evangelization.  This conference will explore these issues.  In addition, it will also explore the unique dimensions of initiation peculiar to the baptized. 

The four presentations are:

Session One:  Understanding How Culture Shapes Our Life and Faith:  Part I

Session Two:  Understanding How Culture Shapes Our Life and Faith:  Part II

Session Three:  Issues for Those Coming into Full Communion: Critical Distinctions

Session Four: Applying the Ritual Text to Various Individuals already Baptized: Praxis

Msgr. Clay is a priest of the Diocese of Raleigh (NC) and assistant professor in pastoral studies at The Catholic University of America in Washington.  He has served the Church in parochial, diocesan and national ministry.  He received his doctorate in liturgical studies, focusing on the adaptation of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults in the rural and small-town setting.  He has presented workshops in over 70 dioceses in the United States and Canada on the pastoral implementation of the Catechumenate and is the author of A Harvest for God:  Christian Initiation in the Rural and Small-Town Parish, published by Liturgy Training Publications.

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